Who are we?

Dorm Room Champions is a network of friends spanning several overlapping college careers. We are all either preparing to graduate from college, already enrolled in various M.A. and Ph.D. graduate programs, or recently thrust into the real world. This blog is our way to take a break from our other duties and responsibilities in school and life in order to reflect upon the times we have shared together and the lessons learned over the years.

Although we are writing from our own experiences, our goal here are Dorm Room Champions is not to write about ourselves (well, apart from this page of course!). We all agree that there are things we wish we had known from the start of our time in college, from the very practical (i.e., student loan advice) to the very silly (“bring your own invite invitation-only” parties can be… interesting, and a lot of fun for the doorman). By sharing some stories, reflections, and hopefully just good advice about our 4-year higher learning experiences, we hope to inspire and enable like-minded and good-hearted souls to live and feel like champions of the dorm room, campus, and life.

For more info, check out our introductory post, Hello, World!, for now!

Who are the authors?

Currently, we have four authors committed to making posts on DRC with the idea that this will allow frequent updates along a variety of loosely defined topics.

JT – Graduated from college two years ago and presently crawling his way up the management chain of a business analysis and logistics optimization company (“way less impressive than it sounds”). Focus at DRC is on anecdotes, advice, and motivation.

Sara – Class of 2018, major in communications. Focus at DRC on “investigative reporting”, or at least on producing relatively thoughtful content that asks or answers questions.

Big D – Graduated in 2016, presently in grad school for history. Focus at DRC: Party Guy. Something of a local legend around our parts, you could always count on something going down at Big D’s place.

Soren – Class of 2017 (woop woop!), and entering a M.A. program in religious studies Fall ’17. Focus at DRC: general content (e.g., this page), spirituality, related issues.