Hello and welcome to Dorm Room Champions!

This is, obviously, our first post so no one is probably reading this yet, but we are very excited all the same!

To learn more about the team behind this blog, please check out the “About Us” section of the blog. This will be updated from time to time to expand a little bit on who we are and the mission of the blog.

Please check in frequently for updates on topics chosen to help you live and feel like a champion in the dorm room, on campus, and in life!

Although the blog is called “Dorm Room Champions,” do not think it is limited to dorm living. In fact, it has very little to do with dorms; however, the dormitory symbolizes that place where we all start off when beginning college – whether or not you choose to live on or off campus. It symbolizes newness, the university environment, and the community you’re coming into. It also represents the community you will form over the next several years as you meet, interact, and make friends with the amazing and diverse people around you.

Being a Dorm Room Champion isn’t about any preconceived notion  of college life. It certainly isn’t about what they show in “college movies”. It is a state of mind whereby you can fully take advantage of all the new and awesome opportunities that come your way during college life.

If you check out the “About Us” section, you’ll see that the Dorm Room Champions team are at the end of their 4-year college experience, and many of us have already gone on to graduate programs or into the “real” world. However, we are closely bound through the friendships we made during our overlapping college careers.  Our wish, and the purpose of this blog, is to help you experience the same – or even better.


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